Most Downloaded Games 2020 – As we all have switched to mobile online slot gaming apps to pass time, we all may be curious to understand if the game you play is one amongst the most downloaded?

Top 10 Most Downloaded Games 2020

While November 2020 was mellow and unsure, it failed to cause havoc for the gaming community. What could possibly people do under a lockdown? Play online games as expected. Though it had been predicted that the year would twirl the mobile online slot gaming industry and make it bigger and better, it had been again proved that it’s not every industry that awaits a downfall. The marketplace for mobile online slot gaming is in any respect time high and indulging mobile online slot game developers companies to develop way more games. We could just glorify its existence.

In tough times like this, it’s just like the world took mobile online slot gaming as their solution to bid farewell to boredom and poorly. Mobile online slot games have gotten popular and this can be said to extend if the lockdown extends. Let’s take a glance at the mobile online slot games that are quite favourite in November 2020.

Top 1 – 918Kiss Online Slot


With 33.3 million downloads this November, this game is on top of the leaderboard in most downloaded mobile online slot games of November 2020.

Top 2 – Pragmatic Play Slot


Pragmatic Play Slot was climbing up its charts and eas next to 918Kiss Online Slot with 30.1 million downloads. Being the foremost favourite in three countries Malaysia, Indonesia and Cambodia.

Top 3 – XE88 Online


Because it reaches its 3rd anniversary. As a result, the game is changing, and at the same time, it has become an entertainment medium for game enthusiasts, and even for recent downloaders.

Top 4 – PlayStar Slot


The Seventh favoured mobile online slot game launched by PlayStar Slot. 22 million downloads in November 2020 and most played in Malaysia, this game is up for google store and Apple store.

Top 5 – Joker 123


All you wish to try to experience different adventures or watch different scenery. Then you should download this game. With 21 million downloads worldwide, this game is adding block by block to succeed in the crest.


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