Before this, people would play with classic slots and 3 reel slots. Now, as video slots are becoming more and more used, it is quite difficult to notice the bonus features and online slots bonus rounds they offer. There are various types of bonus features for each slot and we will give a few examples here so that you can get to know those features.

Free Spins online slots bonus rounds

Most online casino slots will offer a free spin feature that can be opened with scatter symbols on the reels. Players need to have a number of scatter symbols on the reel to get the number of free spins in the game. Of course, the number of free spins will be awarded depending on the number of bets and the number of active paylines for each game. In some slot games, multiples will appear in the free spins feature depending on the casino site. Slots that offer free spins include Disco Spins where you can make multiple choices in a round of free spins. X-men and Dark Knight Rises slots also offer free spins for their bonus round slots.

Selection to Win Bonus Games

Selections for bonus games can be generated with bonus symbols and the way they are arranged on the reel depends on the layout of the game. When this round is activated, players can click on any item displayed on the screen that can reveal the amount of bonus coins or multiplication that will be awarded at the end of the bonus round. South Park video slot from Net Entertainment is one of the slots that offers a Pick to Win Bonus feature. Here, players are required to find hippies hidden in the bush to get bonus prizes during the round.


Pick and Match Bonus Game

This type of bonus round is similar to the Pick to Win Bonus feature. However, players must match two or more identical symbols in order to get a payout for symbol matching during the bonus game. In progressive slots, a select and match bonus game is used to determine if a player gets a progressive jackpot or not. In the Monopoly Bonus City slot from WMS Gaming, players are required to select the same group from a group of cards so that they can get additional options to get more chances to win the game.

Bonus Wheel spin game

Most Spin The Wheel Bonus rounds are in the form of video slots and have 3 reel slots. The player’s requirement is to spin the wheel to get the bonus prize, based on where the indicator stops after the end of the wheel spin. An example of this bonus round is the Lotto Madness slot. This bonus game is triggered by a bonus scatter wheel where a large spinning wheel will be displayed on the screen. The player must click on the wheel to start the spin. After the indicator stops, it will determine the bonus prize for that player.

Game Jackpot Progressive Bonus Prizes

Most slot games offer free spins and multipliers during bonus games. Furthermore, there are also slot games that offer progressive jackpots as big bonus prizes in the bonus round. Often, the Pick to Win bonus and the Spinning Wheel bonus will award a progressive jackpot. In the Giant Jackpot slot game, you can party for real money by triggering a bonus round via the wild symbol in this game. By doing so, you have a bright chance of winning the progressive jackpot in this slot game.


There are many bonus round slots offered in online slots. The prize for each round depends on the game where you need to know the different types of bonus games so that you can play well to solidify your jackpot prize.


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