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Hello, Everybody, I am the beautiful skin, and I am also the interesting soul. I am your BigBonus! Known as the perfect goddess in the hearts of 54 million members in nine years! Familiar with all kinds of gambling game strategies, insist on spreading the connotation of the casino’s truth, goodness and beauty, and only be the strongest of the Buddha family, not sad or not!

Many people ask BigBonus, can online slots games win big money? The answer is: yes!

So why do so many people lose so much? Because they made wedding dresses for others, which is commonly known as filling the hole.

Players who have played online slots know that the reward rate is set according to a certain ratio. If you eat a certain percentage, you will vomit, and if you vomit a certain percentage, you will eat.

As for being eaten or being vomited, it depends not only on personal luck, but also by a lot of ways. Today, BigBonus will teach you two tricks, so that everyone can avoid filling holes for others in actual slot machine combat to the greatest extent.

The first Trick Of Online Slots – To Look At The Free Game Jackpot

Regardless of the platform, almost every slot game has a special link of free games. Regarding this link, many players only know that there will be a chance to burst the prize, but few people know that the amount and frequency of the burst can effectively avoid filling the hole for others.

In fact, the method is very simple. There will be real-time free game awards on the homepage of the video game section of each website. If a free game of a certain game bursts with a super award, or bursts with multiple ordinary awards in a short period of time. If it is, then it is best not to touch this game in the short term, at least not that day.

As mentioned above, eating and vomiting are all proportional. Just spit out the super jackpot, or continuously spit out the ordinary jackpot, the proportion of eating and vomiting in this game is bound to be out of balance, whether it is eating first and then vomiting, or vomiting first and then eating, follow the big prize butt Only the life of filling the hole was the one who went in behind.

Regarding this issue, a member once had a deep experience. At that time, the casino issued a winning post on the forum, saying that a player was happy to win the 1.2 million super prize in the crazy monkey free game. The member was attracted, and then enthusiastically drove in. The result was a wild loss of more than RM 5,000, but I didn’t know whether it was paying for the 1.2 million super jackpot winner or filling the hole for the player who won the jackpot later.

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The Second Trick Of Online Slots – To Look At The Speed of The Game

Players who often play online slots games often encounter a situation, that is, under the premise that the program automatically stops spinning, sometimes the game will stop after a long time in each hand, and sometimes there is no spinning at all. It fell straight down like a wooden board.

This situation is usually related to the network speed or the connection speed of the platform. Interested players can test with small bets to see which situation is relatively high in the case of normal rotation and rapid stop.

So every time BigBonus plays a online slots, it will automatically stop the game with 10 hands and 20 hands, observe the movement, and then decide whether to continue the game.

Although gambling is a game of winning and losing, someone who wins will inevitably lose. However, we shouldn’t be silly as a “devil”, go in with confidence, and finally fill in for others when we are silly. I didn’t know it.

Therefore, it is very useful to learn how to defend yourself and avoid making wedding dresses for others to the greatest extent. At least, even if you lose, you are convinced that you lose.

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