2020 Feb New Online Slot – Magic Journey™

Big Bonus VIP introduce you to an easy to win slot game. Tested by myself, Although its volatility is 5, it’s easier to win than other games with a volatility of 5.

Introduction of Pragmatic Play – Magic Journey

The game is formed by a 1*5 slot and a scorecard containing a fixed grid of 3*3 symbols, with 8 fixed pay lines. To win in the game spin the slot. All symbols that hit will highlight on the scorecard. Whenever at least one of the fixed pay-lines on the scorecard is filled with highlight symbols, a free re-spin is triggered.

more symbols can hit as a result of the re-spin and they also highlight on the scorecard. The re-spins continue as long as new pay-lines are being formed or the res-pin symbol is hit in the slot. At the end of the re-spin cycle, the pays an amount according to the number of line highlight so far.

Tips to Win

The point of this game is to get the chance to Re-Spin. The re-spin is no extra bets required and won’t clear out the scorecard.

afbcash slot game bonus

How to get re-spin

Re-Spin symbol
  1. Spinout a line on the scorecard.
  2. Spinout the re-spin symbol.


My Experience

Control the number of bets, when you feel chance is coming, increase the bet amount. Because when trigger re-spin, it will simply get 3 (10* bets) or 4 (15* bets) lines.

Occasionally To Get 5 Line

Where to play?

You can get to play this game in the mobile online slot games  AFBCash Malaysia for free after you register. After you play the game and feel wells, you can try to deposit money into the AFB account for earning some money.

By June