Se Die is the newest type of live casino game at WM Casino. The game uses only four buttons that have two red and white sides. Although this included gambling game is still new but this game is very easy to understand and very fun. The game is so simple we just have to guess the odds that come out odd (Odds), or even (Even).

Before the game begins, players must place bets in accordance with their wishes in each box provided. Then Dealer will close the button plate with a bowl and shake it a few times to start the game. After that the players will be given 25 seconds to place the bets that will be placed. This bet is selected in the box provided.

SE DIE WM Casino
SE DIE WM Casino

Determining the value of even (Even) or odd (Odds) can be seen from the table below.

Se Dic - Payout

Special Conditions:

  • If the dealer drops the plate, bowl or button, then the button will be shaken again, with the condition of the bet that the player has placed.
  • If when the bowl is opened, there are buttons that are attached or stacked on each other then the dealer will separate them using a glass stick and the bet will be declared VALID.
  • If there is a server failure, then all bets that are in progress in the round will be declared void and all your bets will be refunded.
  • If a player wants to place a bet in the remaining time is only 1-2 seconds and the system rejects it means that the bet you paired will not be counted and the bet will be returned to your balance.

Tips for Playing to Win:

  • When betting, usually start betting with a small face value first, a maximum of 10% of your total balance.
  • Observe the map of the game’s winning results, in addition to using feeling and logic. This game is more or less similar to the game of Baccarat and Dragon Tiger, you just have to focus on the same sequential outcome.
  • If you are unlucky today, please try another time, because luck may be waiting for you tomorrow.

Ended already for an introduction on WM Casino betting, stay tuned for our next article to discuss more in an online casino brand. If members still do not understand, you can go directly to our Livechat which is ready to serve you for 24 hours non stop. If you don’t already have a Muda33 account, you can sign up now.

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