Chinese Style Themed Free Online Slot

In this 2020 Chinese New Year, just try some Chinese themed slot game!

2020 New Online Slot – 5 Lions Gold™

Introduce to you Pragmatic Play Online Slot Game. It has many Chinese themed slot games that offer free play in 2020. This is not just another standard Asian themed game which all the slot makers seem to produce these days. 5 Lions Gold has some amazing cartoon graphics, and is based on the beasts which the Chinese mythological. Just find an online casino includes Pragmatic Play and starts playing!

Being available on both Desktop and Mobile (IOS & Android), you can basically enjoy the game anywhere!

The graphics are good enough to put slots by some of the larger producers to shame. Animals are detailed, with excellent shading, and each has a little bit of character. What really stands out for this slot is the animation when you are winning cash. Each mythological beasts comes to life.

The dragon is the top symbol and the stone lion in the wild except Taichi. the Taichi is scatter symbol, 3 Taichi trigger the free spins and also triggers the pick-em bonus game. The stone lion and  the Taichi only appears on reels 1, 3 and 5

The game has 3 JACKPOTS available, each with a fixed value expressed in total bets, as follows:

  • MINOR 15 x total bet
  • MAJOR -150 x total bet
  • GRAND– 2000 x total bet


At every spin, random reels turn to gold, up to a maximum of 5 reels

  • 3 reels turn to gold, the MINOR JACKPOTS is awarded
  • 4 reels turn to gold, the MAJOR JACKPOTS is awarded
  • 5 reels turn to gold, the GRAND JACKPOTS is awarded

The GOLDEN REELS JACKPOT FEATURE is available during the Free Spins Round

Where to play?

You can play this awesome 5 Lions Gold Slot at AFBCash after you register, they offer game trials for you to find the slot game you love the most!

Online Slot Games in Malaysia 2021

AFBCash – online slot games in Malaysia 2021

AFBCash has extensive experience in online slot games in Malaysia 2021. Over the years, network transformation has changed several types of business structures and customer practices, and everything can be done on the network. This also happens in entertainment venues, such as casinos.

In the past ten years, Genting Casino is most likely to become the main place for players to place bets in Malaysia. Currently, there are many Malaysian online slot game brands online. Players can enjoy the excitement brought by casino games. Players can also choose other tables they like to play on. For players, finding the best and safe online live casino Malaysia is very important.

As a trusted online casino in Malaysia, AFBCash provides you with everything you need to ensure a safe and fun online casino experience. Play all casino games in a simpler way you like to play online at AFBCash. Players can download any games from the Internet without worrying about computer problems, because AFBCash fully supports Flash games, players only need to play all casino games from the website platform. All games are supported by the international game software.

As the top online slot game in Malaysia, we also provide world-class services. We provide excellent customer service support. Our customer service provides customers with 24-hour service, and our service team actively responds through the LiveChat function every day. For mobile phone users, the AFBCash website is designed to be responsive, allowing mobile phone users to play games on both IOS and Android platforms. AFBCash is a licensed and certified online slot game in Malaysia. We have been managing our reliability and reputation at this online Malaysian casino for many years. Play with us online entertainment casino games, online slot machines, 4D lotto or sports betting will be sheltered and make sure that your rewards are paid!


How to start playing mobile slot games in Malaysia?

With a live casino in Malaysia, players will get a real deal. We provide more than 200 casino games. The best online casino in Malaysia to enjoy more interaction and more excitement. Whether you want to play Malaysia mobile online slot on the website or use your smartphone, the process is the same. You need to register for an account. After you have an account, you can add or add funds or credits to the account. Finally, find the game you like and enjoy the game.


What is the best online slot game in Malaysia offered by our AFBCash?

You can enjoy the best slot games designed by our experienced developers in cooperation with 918Kiss, Mega888, PlayTech, Sa Gaming, PlayStar, Pragmatic Play, Xe88, fishing games, etc. Players can choose different layouts and functions between slot machines.


What are the advantages of online gambling in Malaysia?

If you decide to play online casinos in Malaysia, you will be able to bet on your favourite slot games. This means you can sit in a comfortable seat while playing online casinos in Malaysia. But you can also bet outdoors or anywhere. This is the safest and fastest way to place bets anytime, anywhere. AFBCash provides the best online slot games in Malaysia for all players and is supported by a safe and reliable gaming background. You can choose a game of 200 of the most interesting and exciting different games. It also allows players to test and play all the latest games and new games, and there is no deposit required to test the game. In the order of testing, it can help you maximize your winning rate when you understand the rules of the game better.

We also provide you with many different types of promotions, you can deposit more deposits, and you can get more bonuses to win more rounds.

There is no such thing as a complete casino without casino slot games. In such a wide range of social fields, no other brand of Malaysian online casinos or gaming games can cause the same excitement and excitement. Today, it may be difficult for you to get an interesting, best online casino in Malaysia that you may want to explore.

Slot game started in the late 1800s. It must contain 5 types of image cards to have fun. This is a poker gambling machine, there is no fixed payment procedure or any currency payment. The winning of the prize depends on which poker hand is shown on the reels. Often the winning payout will be a further adjustment of drinks, stories or ongoing interactions rather than a form of money, which will soon be replaced.

Most casinos in Malaysia do not have a better way to attract more and more people to the casino and spend a lot of time inside. All games require extra cost and extra time, but most people don’t. If you want to succeed or get rewards in these complex games, ask them to spend more time to understand its working principle and process.

Online casino slot games have greater flexibility and can meet the needs of a wide range of players. Players do not have to activate all 15 pay lines, players can choose the number of lines they want. No one will decide to play poker or baccarat right away, and this is where casino operators know the real benefits of casino slot games. This is a great way to attract new and casual casino players to enter the online casino and spend more time in the online casino. Just choose the slot game you want to play and practice hard.

Players spend most of their time noting which slot machine pays the most. For those who play regularly, they have theories on how to choose a lucky slot machine from all the slot machines. When experiencing the winning sounds and graphics for the first time, players will be fascinated by slot machines.

Regarding the factors we found, slot machines have become a centralized platform for online casinos in Malaysia. With perfect graphics and interactive bonus round graphics, players are always motivated to continue playing slot machines to win the jackpot.

AFBCash online slot game Malaysia 2021

As early as a long time ago, slot machines had a potential market in casinos. Today’s online slot games are more complicated than previous games. Therefore, most related industries are trying to keep the original machine style more and more. At AFBCash, they understand and know how important Malaysian online casinos are to our players. AFBCash provides a list of carefully selected slot games, not only for entertainment value, but AFBCash also pays more attention to the reliability and reputation of game providers. All game providers such as Playtech, Pragmatic Play, Ameba Entertainment, etc. are among the industry experts. There are also slot games on our mobile platform, namely Joker123, 918kiss, SCR888 and Sky3888. This is because slot games are huge and the demand for them continues to grow.

AFBCash has 5 rooms for players to rest. No matter which lounge you choose, there will be something you like. Provides a variety of games, many of which are based on famous characters in movies and history. Of course, slot games are only a small part of the available games. Our AFBCash has a variety of games to choose from. These games have multiple games and platforms. This means that through our AFBCash Malaysia online casino, you can enjoy the unlimited fun of casino games at the right location.

Win Xe88 Slots Tips

To learn how to beat Xe88 slots, you need to first know how they work. Slots are one of the most popular casino games in the world, whether in land-based or online. XE88 playing style is very similar to other online slots – there are hundreds of slot games in it. Therefore, is it very easy to get yourself familiar with it, even if you not very experienced with slot machines?

How to Win on Xe88 Slots Every Time

When it comes to making a success of your online slot gaming, knowledge is power. We’ll never be able to improve your luck playing games which are completely random and dependent on chance, but we had the pleasure to interview with one of the most famous pro-players in the gambling arena, and, we had compiled a tip of strategies and tips which can be useful for readers to give yourself the best chance of winning.

  1. Find More Frequent Payouts

    • If you want to ensure you’ve got a bigger chance of winning a progressive jackpot, the best way to do so is by choosing a game with a relatively small jackpot. These are the games that payout most often.
  2. Study the paytable

    • Every slot machine comes with its own unique paytable. The paytable shows what each symbol is worth and which ones are the most lucrative. It’ll also tell you whether the game has wild symbols and scatters.
  3. Play Simpler Games

    • Often, the more complex a game is, the more time and money a developer has invested in building it. Therefore, they’ll be wanting to take more from players before providing big payouts. If you stick to simple, traditional games you might find your chances of winning improve.
  4. Aim for smaller jackpots

    • Games with smaller jackpots tend to pay out more frequently, so if you’re after a win but you’re not concerned about chasing the big bucks, games with smaller jackpots are ideal. We know those huge progressive jackpots are enticing, but your chances of claiming one aren’t very favourable!
  5. Find BIG Progressive Jackpots

    • Whilst games with smaller progressive jackpots often pay out more frequently, if it’s the big bucks you’re after, there’s only one thing to do. Seek games with huge progressive jackpots!

Free RM 18 Angpow

Start Winning at Xe88 Slots Today

Bearing all of this in mind, you should now have a firm understanding of how to win at slots at your favourite casinos. Remember that although you’re unable to influence your odds, you can still take several steps to minimize your losses and give yourself the best chance of winning. Simply choose the game that’s right for you and your budget and start spinning! Play XE88 Slots at Trusted Online Casino Malaysia.